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Iconography and the Incarnation, Part 1

The Theology of Icons

By Fr. Mark Perkins

Editor's Note: See Part 2 here, Part 3 here, Part 4 here, and Part 5 here.

This past week I started a three-to-five series on iconography at St. Alban's titled "Iconography and the Incarnation: Theology and Devotion." In general, the series moves from the theology of icons to the interpretation of icons and then to their use in devotional life.

In my first session, we explored the iconoclast debates of the 7th-9th centuries and their relation to the Incarnation. We also explored the nature and meaning of iconographic veneration, a short excursus on how to think about the Seventh Council's anathemas, and a very brief consideration of icons and the Anglican tradition -- a thread I'll tease out in greater detail in the next session.

The video below is an audio recording of the presentation synced with my slideshow.

Fr. Mark Perkins is Curate at St. Alban's Anglican Cathedral in Oviedo, Florida and Executive Editor of Earth & Altar.


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