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Devotion: The Theotokos, the Te Deum, and the All Saints Icon

By Fr. Mark Perkins

Editor's note: See Part 1 here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here, and Part 4 here.

In this fifth and final installment of my series on "Iconography and the Incarnation, Theology and Devotion," we considered various icons of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and we read the All Saints icon in light of the Te Deum -- all with an eye to the place of iconographic devotion in the life of an Anglican.

If the ending sounds familiar, that's because I blatantly plagiarized our editor-in-chief's previous reflections on the Te Deum and the All Saints icon, which you can read and hear here. I also started this presentation by offering resources for further reading (a.k.a. the sources of all the other concepts and ideas I blatantly stole throughout the series).

Preparing for and giving this series -- the study, reflection, and contemplation required -- has been a great blessing to me, and one I expect will always continue to bear fruit in my own devotional life. I hope some of you have had the same blessing and experience as well.

Fr. Mark Perkins is Curate at St. Alban's Anglican Cathedral in Oviedo, Florida and Executive Editor of Earth & Altar.


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