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Fr. Matthew Dallman on Thornton, Confession, Sin, and Creation

Lenten Study, Part IV

By Fr. Mark Perkins

Editor's Note: See Part 1 here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here, Part 5 here, and Part 6 here.

Last night Wednesday, Fr. Matthew C. Dallman, Obl.S.B. was the guest speaker at our Lenten Study at St. Alban's Oviedo (APA). Fr. Dallman is Rector of St Paul's New Smyrna Beach (TEC), founder of Akenside Institute for English Spirituality, and a genuine expert on the theology of Fr Martin Thornton. He's also a wonderful speaker and teacher.

While he did eventually focus on chapters 4 and 5 of Thornton's The Purple Headed Mountain, Fr. Dallman began with an overview of the life and work of Martin Thornton and of the book as a whole.

If you only listen to one session in our Lenten series, make it this one!

(Apologies for the uneven audio -- technical difficulties and all that.) You can find the reading guide for the section discussed (chapters 4-5) today here.

Fr. Dallman touched on the 'Benedicite, omnia opera Domini,' which you can find in our liturgy for Morning Prayer. In addition, Fr. Dallman gave a handout on Fr. Thornton's approach to the Seven Capital Sins:

Download PDF • 145KB

Finally, here is the reading guide for next week's chapters:

Chapters 6-7 reading guide
Download PDF • 99KB

Fr. Mark Perkins is Curate at St. Alban's Anglican Cathedral in Oviedo, Florida and Executive Editor of Earth & Altar.


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