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Anglican Spiritual Formation

By Fr. Mark Perkins

In an ideal world, each of us would be under the care of a qualified spiritual director. Alas, qualified and competent spiritual direction is not always easy to find, and so we can easily be "left to our own devices." In such circumstances, we can end up with an incoherent, undeveloped, or unhelpful rule of life -- guided by whim and impulse rather than sound theology and careful evaluation of our spiritual lives.

No amount of personal reading or reflection can truly replace personalized direction, but it can ensure that we at least have a rule based on sound principles of moral theology and a Catholic understanding of prayer and formation.

Fr. Myles Hixson and Fr. Wesley Walker recently brought Fr. Wade Miller back to The Sacramentalists for an episode on "Anglican Spiritual Formation." Their conversation offers wise reflection on spiritual formation in the Anglican tradition, as well as resources for developing a rule of life.

And if you aren't yet listening to The Sacramentalists regularly -- you should be!


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