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Fr. Wade on 'The Sacramentalists'

By Fr. Mark Perkins

Fr. Wade Miller in front of the altar at St. Philip's Blacksburg

In the latest episode of The Sacramentalists, regular hosts Fr. Myles Hixson (rector-elect of Holy Cross Knoxville) and Fr. Wesley Walker (curate at St. Paul's Crownsville) are joined by guest host Fr. Wade Miller, vicar of St. Philip's Blacksburg.

The episode is basically a spiritual biography in brief of Fr. Wade's twisting journey from a Reformed background through stops (or near-stops) in the Episcopal, Lutheran, ACNA, and Eastern Orthodox worlds to finally landing in an Anglo-Catholic parish in the APA.

If you've ever had the pleasure of hearing Fr. Wade, you know he's a dynamic storyteller -- and his biography is such that hearing him tell his story is also a way of hearing, briefly, about the genuine strengths, as well as the weaknesses, of each of these denominations or jurisdictions -- the Anglican Continuum not excluded!

Listen to the whole episode here.

PS: Fr. Wade mentions the 2009 address of Metropolitan Jonah, then primate of the Orthodox Church in America, to the ACNA shortly after their creation. You can listen to that speech here. You can also read a 2012 address to the ACNA by Metropolitan Jonah here.


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