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Resources To Think About Quarantine

By Fr. Sean McDermott

In case you have not seen the wonderful lecture series by the Thomistic Institute, I wanted to share some of their videos. The Dominican brothers are not only addressing some of the more pressing questions that isolation has brought up, but they are also doing it with open minds and good explanations.

Here are just a couple of examples. Fr. Dominic Legge on whether the virus is a punishment from God:

Or Fr. James Brent on the presence of God in a season of solitude:

I hope you enjoy some of these. And while you are at it, go ahead and sign up for their courses on Aquinas--they are wonderful. If you find another good resource, please let me know so I can pass them along!

Fr. Sean McDermott is Curate at All Saints Anglican Church in Charlottesville, VA and Editor in Chief of Earth & Altar.


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