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New Book Release by Earth & Altar Press!

Just in time for the new liturgical year, I am very excited to announce a new edition by Earth & Altar Press: The Church's Year by Charles Alexander. This edition features a new foreword, font, page layout, and a wonderful book jacket redesign. This classic which helps readers of all ages understand the Church calendar, explains every major feast day of the traditional Anglican Book of Common Prayer along with the most popular saints in the Western calendar. Softcover is available now, and hardcover will be coming within the week! Order your copy here! See below for desciption and more pictures!

Christians do not live according to the secular calendar but according to the liturgical calendar of the Church. This calendar marks seasons according to the life of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, and the lives of his Saints. In this book, Charles Alexander helps explain these seasons and provides readers short biographies of saints celebrated in the Anglican tradition, many of which are beautifully illustrated by Patricia Lambe. Through the pictures and descriptions, readers of all ages will learn how to turn their attention from the mundane to the eternal reality of God by living out the liturgical calendar.


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