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Introduction to the Anglican Tradition

By Fr. Mark Perkins

Editor's Note: You can find Part 2 here and Part 3 here.

Last week I started a five-part series at St. Alban's (Oviedo, FL) introducing the Anglican tradition. The course is structured around the Eucharistic liturgy, beginning with the Collect for Purity, considering the relation of the Bible and the Book of Common Prayer (in relation to the Liturgy of the Word), the Church (considering the Prayer for the Whole State of Christ's Church, and the Proper Preface), Worship and Beauty (the Sanctus), and the Sacramental Life (the Prayer of Humble Access).

In this first part, I introduce some basic ideas of the Anglican tradition -- and I only spend a very little bit of time antagonizing Roman Catholics and Reformed Anglicans.

Fr. Mark Perkins is Curate at St. Alban's Anglican Cathedral in Oviedo, Florida and Executive Editor of Earth & Altar.


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