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Evangelism Among Continuing Anglicans

By Fr. Mark Perkins

Archbishop Chad Jones at the Anglican Joint Synods

The Anglican Joint Synods (known colloquially as the G-3) met last month in Orlando, Florida. The highlights of our formal time together were addresses organized and sponsored by Continuing Forward, the church planting and renewal initiative of the Joint Synods. (Although I am now a member of Continuing Forward, my first official meeting was the week before synod, so I can take no credit!)

Over at the Continuing Forward blog, Joel West has compiled links to text and audio/video of the addresses -- from Archbishop Chad Jones of the APA, Bishop Paul Hewett of the DHC (ACC), Bishop Stephen Scarlett of the ACC, Fr. Matt Mirabile of the ACA, and Fr. Glenn Spencer (presented by our own Editor-in-Chief, Fr. Sean McDermott).

West comments,

Various speakers offered examples of how Continuing churches can — and should — renew their emphasis on mission and evangelism. A focus on evangelism — proclaiming the gospel to the world — is the antidote for stagnant, inwardly-focused parishes that seek renewal and growth. Evangelism is what a new church must do when it reaches out to the community and seeks new members. And of course evangelism is central to the historical mission of the church.

It is encouraging to see other folks in the Anglican Continuum envisioning and working towards faithful Anglican witness and evangelism in the decades to come.

You can read the rest of Joel West's rundown here. There you will also find links to the various talks, and you can also sign up for the Continuing Forward mailing list. We are working to put together a retreat or conference on evangelism and church-planting for 2024. If that's something you are interested in, getting on the Continuing Forward mailing list is your best bet for staying updated.

Fr. Mark Perkins is Chaplain and Assistant Headmaster of St. Dunstan's Academy in Roseland, Virginia and Executive Editor of Earth & Altar.

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Nov 08, 2023

I wish we could clone Bp. Chad and the others in Continuing Forward. They are all so great!

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