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Anglo-Catholicism: The Basics

By Fr. Sean McDermott

Even within the Anglican world there is much mis-information about Anglo-Catholicism. Some just assume it is Romanism without the gumption to step across the Tiber. Others view it as silly antiquarianism reserved for those few odd men who still like to dress up in fine vestments. And yet, like it or not, Anglo-Catholicism is growing, the churches are increasingly attracting both old and young, and there are strong signs of life within the Anglo-Catholic jurisdictions. Many people just don't realize these facts (to no fault of their own), and it takes good teaching to dispel some of the myths surrounding Anglo-Catholicism.

This website is dedicated to Anglo-Catholicism and providing good resources in order to explain our faith and way of life. We have posted many pieces by Fr. Myles Hixson in the past, and I was pleased to see his article over at the Anglican Compass, which explains the basics of Anglo-Catholicism to a more evangelical Anglican audience. Fr. Myles is the rector of Holy Cross Anglican Church in Knoxville, TN and co-host of The Sacramentalists Podcast. Please check out the article and let us know what you think of it. Also, if you have time, start listening to Fr. Myles' podcast--you will be rewarded with a wealth of good ideas and conversation.


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