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Advent Devotional for 2023

By Fr. Sean McDermott

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Each year within the APA (Anglican Province of America), the Deanery of the Appalachia has published an Advent devotional for parishioners to use each day throughout the Advent season. These have been wonderful resources to help personal devotion at the start of the new liturgical year. Many thanks to Fr. Paul Rivard for compiling and making this happen each year! Here is the prolouge from the devotional:

Advent is one of the two major penitential seasons of the

Church kalendar, and along with the later Lenten fast of

spring, these wintery weeks are meant to serve as a time of

preparation for a feast. It is Christmastide when awestruck

souls should open wide to contemplate the mystery of the

incarnation and spiritually feast upon the endless love of

God displayed in that incomprehensible act of

condescension that blessed all creation in a tiny stall in

Bethlehem. Adventtide, on the other hand, is a time to

prepare. In Christmas we hope to feast on the fruits of the

Spirit - love, joy, and peace. The heart sings of love divine,

joy to the world, and peace on earth with more savor and

sincerity after it has been purified with earnest penitence.

In Advent we intentionally take the time to till and tend to

the soil of our souls in preparation for a plentiful harvest.

Offering to God the daily offices of Morning and Evening

Prayer according to the 1928 Book of Common Prayer is a

fantastic way for Anglicans to add discipline to the Advent


Meditations in this devotional have been contributed by

the APA Deanery of Appalachia along with APA Area Deans,

Canons, Archdeacons, and Bishops. The works follow the

passages appointed in the 1928 Book of Common Prayer

lectionary for Morning and Evening Offices and are meant

to enhance your rule of life for the next weeks. As you

cooperate with the Holy Spirit this Advent, it is my hope

that these meditations serve their intended purpose — to

help you fast in preparation for the feast of Christmastide.

In daily preparing yourself to embrace Christ on the feast of

the Incarnation, may your soul also be set to receive the

Lord at His final advent whenever that day may come.

Father Paul Rivard

Dean of Appalachia, Rector of Saint George the Martyr

Simpsonville, SC


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