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The Rule of Life the Church Provides

for her Children

1. Make your Communion every Sunday.

2. Say your prayers every day. (Use the Daily Office that begins on p. 3 of the BCP or the Form of Prayers to be Used In Families on p. 587 of the BCP, but always remember to use A Prayer for the Clergy and People found on p. 18. And remember that you can always consult me on any matter.)

3. Keep the fast required by the Church in Lent and all Fridays of the year.

4. Avail yourself of the comfort of auricular, private Confession for the sake of “a quite conscience” and “full trust in God’s mercy.” (Speak to a priest for instruction.)

5. Find a way to serve others and share your prayers, your presence and your purse.

Determine by the grace of Jesus our Lord to examine yourself before bed to determine that you have faithfully followed your rule. Give thanks to God for his assistance and mercy and pray for peaceful sleep. Thank God upon waking in the morning for the gift of a new day and pray for his assistance and mercy to faithfully live according to the Church’s rule.

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